Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Enjoying Life

Matilda is nearly 2 weeks old! It's been pure bliss around here. :) Our house is currently, full of our loved ones. And we really are loving it!

Having so much of our family around, has been a blessing. It's allowed Paul and I, to get some rest. We have tons of help! And we have knowledgeable people, to turn to, when we have a question! I'm so thankful!

It's also given me, a bit of time to remember those things I didn't get done, before Matilda was born. My parents, managed to find our Christmas decorations. And pulled them out for us. My in-laws have thoroughly stocked our fridge. And my MIL has cooked us many meals, and froze them, for when everyone goes home.

My sisters have managed, to get our holiday donations, to the local Children's home. Paul sent the mail, that I never managed to get to the Post Office. And my SIL bought that CD, that I wanted for the nursery. I swear to you, I had a list! There were just certain things, that well, fell in the cracks.

One of those things, is this hat. My parents still live in the mountains. And we plan on visiting them, in about a month. That means, Miss Matilda, is going to need some warm clothes. Not like we're lacking or anything. I mean, Lola made us so many things! Everyone gifted us, with so much! But I had wanted to make an earflap hat, for my sweet girl.

This hat is a little large. I asked Lola to help me a bit. And she shrank the pattern, to make a more "newborn appropriate" hat. And because I've become a bit of a "yarn hoarder," I have exactly what I need! I'm hoping, I can get a hat done, for Matilda. With all this help, and over a month, I think we can have some success!

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy these early days of mommyhood. And all our family. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. And long afternoon naps, with the sweetest girl I know! ♥E