Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Stealing: Disney World

First of all, Paul and I had the most amazing time today. After church, we went to the lake. It was definitely a lazy Sunday for the 2 of us. But it was much needed. I packed a hefty picnic lunch. More food than any normal 2 people would need. But it was nice to have the variety. Paul fished while I read. He is quite proud of the 5 fish he caught. Promising me that tomorrow he is cooking dinner. His fish!

We are back, and I am ready for some Sunday Stealing. And a little rest before work tomorrow. It is my 1st and last day of the week. Because we are going back home for a visit this week! ♥E

What are your most common nicknames? Paul calls me Love. My friends and family call me Emmers.

What is today's weather? Warm

Where did go on vacation this year? We took a trip to Orlando after Paul graduated. This week we are going home.

What did you do there? In Orlando, we went to Disney and all the attractions. It was so much fun! We rode rides, looked at attractions, and did some shopping. This week we are going home to look at our new house, visit family and friends, and look for new jobs!

Where did you stay? We stayed at the Disney resort. It was amazing! When we go home, we will stay at J's house.

What job do you do? I am an RD.

Describe where you live. We live in sunny Florida. it is so different from the western states that we are from! Everything is green. It is hot, but not the same heat we are used to. And gators are everywhere!

What do you usually do on weekends? It depends. I usually work every other Saturday. But Paul and I like to take road trips. There is so much to do out here. We like to do fun things around here. And we both enjoy nature.

What food hits your 'bliss spot'? Chocolate, ice cream, fruit, green chili, and french fries! Everything that I shouldn't eat.

What drink really does it for you? Southern Iced Tea. Since my mother-in-law first gave it to me, I have been completely hooked ever since. It is like a bad addiction!

Describe the first friend that comes to your head. Lola is the sweetest person you will ever meet! I am not joking about that. She is also very driven and goal oriented. But we have had so much fun during our friendship. She is like a little firecracker ready to battle it out with all of our male friends. But she is so thoughtful. It isn't unusual for me to get a box of her homemade chocolate chip cookies in the mail. :)

What was the last restaurant you went to? We went to Olive Garden Saturday for lunch.

Where would you like to live if you had unlimited moneys and nothing stopping your dreams? Honestly, back home with our families. Family means the most to Paul and I.

What is the likeliness of you achieving this dream home? We are moving home soon. We will still have to work, but we will be closer to our families and friends.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I enjoy reading. And gardening.

What's your favorite genre for TV programs? I don't watch much TV. And everything that I do watch, is very different from each other. But my favorite is probably comedy.

What's your favorite genre for music? Hands down, country!

What's your favorite song that's sad? Alan Jackson's Where Were You. It still makes me cry!

What's your favorite soppy film? Titanic

How about your favorite chick flick? Pretty Woman

You describe your personality? I am quiet around people that I don't know well. But I am a fun person around the people that I know and am close to. Generally, around people that I do know, I am fun loving and fun. I try to do everything out of kindness and love. I am easy going. Except when I am tackling tasks at work. At work, I generally am driven and focused.

If you had a personality eraser, what part of yours might you erase? Being Timid in new situations.

You are given $5000 to spend in 1 day, what do you do with it? Pay off part of our student loans.

Remember, no limitations! What is your biggest fear? Failing at the important things in, my marriage, and with my future children.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Guy Not Taken

A close friend of mine gave me this book a while back. Say 2 years ago? I don't exactly remember when. I started reading it almost immediately. But I was lost in school and work. After 2 stories, I put the book down. The book somehow got lost in the shuffle.

Last Saturday, I found it. I was going through our bookcase. Sorting through old textbooks and novels. And I found my book. Paul and I had decided to stay in Saturday. He was lost in his work. I was just going through random stuff around our house. After lunch, I curled up on the couch and started reading.

This is the first book by Jennifer Weiner that I have read. Both Lola and Vi have read many of her books. They rave about them. As a good entertainment book. Because the 3 of us tend to get lost in nutrition journals and diet books.

The Guy Not Taken was a good entertainment book. It is a collection of short stories. Like I said, I had started reading this when I first got it. But I put it down. Last Saturday, I read almost the entire book. Until I realized I needed to make dinner. I put the book down. Once again, I got lost in the week. But this morning, I finished it. And I am happy that I read it.

Sometimes you just need to read something for the pure entertainment factor. This is one of the those books. Like the Shopaholic books. If you are looking for something to pass the time, this is a good one. I was laughing and genuinely enjoying my read. I will definitely be reading more of Jennifer's books! ♥E

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Being Honest

It's time to be honest about Paul and I's plans. When we decided to leave for Florida, we always knew that we would return. We liked the small community where we had met. Paul could have easily finished his degrees at our university. But I would have to move 3 hours away to get my masters degree and become an RD. We didn't want to live 3 hours apart! Especially for 3+ years.

Paul and I looked for a school that offered both of our degree programs. That is how we ended up in Florida. I graduated before Paul. I got licensed and became an RD. I was also very lucky when it came time to finding a job. The hospital where I did my RD internship, they offered me a job immediately. And I took it. Paul needed some more time to finish his PhD. And his training.

In May, Paul received his hard earned PhD. He had some training to finish up though. But at the beginning of the month, it was complete. And our talks became more real. In June, we had talked about moving home. Paul called J to ask him for a job. And J found him one. Not only that, but he offered us a home to live in. I also asked Lola to help me find a job. She has some good connections in the area hospitals. Soon, I had 2 good jobs to choose from.

I gave my 2 week notice last week. I will work the remainder of this week. Then next week I am am taking my vacation time. We are heading home for a visit. When we get back, I will have 1 week of work left. I have 2 job interviews set up back home. One for the DOH and one for a trauma center hospital. Paul and I hope to solidify our plans while we are on this trip. Paul will be signing a contract with J. And we will get to look at our new house.

Paul and I are just ready to start the next chapter of our lives. The entire time we have known each other, we have been in college. The last few years, we have grown up so much. Being so far away from our friends and family, we really learned how to depend on each other.

Florida wasn't all a "business" situation. We have built a nice life here. We met friends. Paul and I rented a nice home from an elderly couple when we first moved. And we have enjoyed making it our home. Spending lots of time gardening and hosting cookouts. We have also made amazing connections for our careers.

But it is time to go home. To begin our new careers. To make our new house, our home. We are anxious to be closer to family and friends. Paul and I are also excited to start new phases of our own life. To potentially explore other areas of our marriage. To begin our own family. We are looking at this move, as a new beginning to our life together. ♥E

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting Vi on Board

Now that I am a blogger, I want Vi to be one too!

Lola, Vi, and I were diet interns at the same time. During that time, we got to be close friends. Really close friends. We depended on each other for a lot. Because we were given a lot of responsibility. The other women in our program were not happy with us. And we were soon out casted.

We also had no real guidance at work. I can be completely honest here. Vi and I had been in the program a while already. Vi was getting ready to graduate soon. I wasn't far behind. But Lola, she was just starting out. But she was so determined. And kicked Vi and I's butts. We depended on her so much.

During all of this, and the hospital drama, we really became close. It felt like I had 2 sisters. Natasha Beddingfield's song Unwritten, quickly became our song. It just fit. Unfortunately, our time together came to an end. Vi graduated and moved to Dallas. I wasn't far behind, moving with Paul to Florida. But Lola is still in school. She wants to be a pediatrician. Not just an RD. I am proud of her.

But we all wanted to stay in touch. We tried MySpace. But that quickly lost its glamour and shine. We relied on emails. And eventually took to Lola's private blog. It is a neat place that she has set up for her friends. We chat, ichat, or just send emails to each other.

Than I got the brilliant idea to start my own blog. I am having fun. And I think this could be a good way for the 3 of us to stay in touch. We just need to get Vi on board. Maybe we can even talk her into signing up for twitter! ♥E

Monday, August 24, 2009

House MD

Do you watch House MD? I have started watching re-runs over the last few weeks. I have seen 3 or 4 so far. And I am really liking this show. It's another one of those things that was recommended by a friend. But I just never got to watch it.

We are not much of TV people. The last 3-4 years have been very busy for us. Between school and work, well it didn't leave a lot of time for TV watching. But now that I don't have school to worry about, I have a little more free time.

I just genuinely like this show. House reminds me of a doctor that I once worked with. But I like his straight forward approach to life. He doesn't beat around the bush. And the show is always very reflective of life in a hospital. It's real. Not like some of the of hospital dramas out there.

Come Fall, I will be watching House MD regularly. I could kick myself for not watching all these years. Because I have been missing out on some good TV. Do you watch? What do you think of House MD? ♥E

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Stealing: Hawaii

Lola always does these on her private blog. There is one for every day of the week. But I am going to stick with Sundays, since that is when I have the most down time. I think they are fun and get you thinking. Look for Sunday Stealing to be a weekly regular on my blog. ♥E

-Are you a male or female? Female

-Describe yourself Physically, I am 5'5" and pretty average. Emotionally, I am a loving and caring person. I like to do things for others because it feels right. I also cry at sad movies, or even sad commercials. Socially, I am a fun person. I prefer to entertain at home. But I enjoy having a good time. Creatively, I am lacking a little here. I craft, but do everything by the directions. Domestically, I am still learning. I am not anywhere near perfect, but I try.

-How do you feel right now? I'm good, but a little tired. And somewhat homesick. But excited about going home to look for a job and house.

-If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Right now? Back to Hawaii with Paul! We had such a good time.

-Your favorite form of transportation Around here, a car. Preferably if Paul is driving!

-Describe Your Morning Routine Paul and I get up about 5:00AM! I know, it is early. We go workout for an hour. Then I take a shower and start to get ready while he starts the coffee and reads the newspapers. Then I start breakfast while Paul showers and gets ready. We eat and talk for a while. Sometimes I read the paper. Paul usually does the dishes while I finish getting ready. And by 7:30AM we are leaving the house. I am at work by 8:00AM. From there, the day goes pretty quickly!

-Your best friend is I have 3. Lola, Vi, and Manders. I miss them so much!

-What's the weather like Cloudy, but still warm and humid.

-Pet Peeve? People who show up to work late. We have a lot of those kind of people at the hospital. And it makes my schedule worse than it already it. Also, people who act before thinking, or before they have all the facts. That just annoys me.

-If your life was a TV show, what would it be called The reality of the health system and the economy. Not too original. But I work in health care. And I am struggling with the economy. I am a reality show.

-Your relationship Status? Happily married!

-Your Fear Losing my husband. Or hurricanes around here.

-What is the best advice you have to give? Marriage isn't all peaches and cream. But it is worth all the work and love you put into it.

-If you could change your name, you would change it to I don't know. I like Emily. Maybe Lauren. I think that is a pretty name.

-What do you say when you are frustrated? Why do I work here? I am usually only frustrated at work!

-Thought for the day Love really does conquer all. No matter what happens, love always prevails.

-How you would like to die While I am sleeping. Just peacefully.

-Your soul's present condition Pretty good. It just needs a trip home.

-Your motto Treat people like you want to be treated. You never know when you will be down.

Getting Started

I finally decided to take the plunge and start blogging. I have absolutely loved reading Lola's blog. She is one of those bloggers, that has a wonderful blog. She has been doing it for years! And silently, I have envied her. But it wasn't until Manders started to blog a few weeks ago, that I thought, I need to do that too. If she can do it with a 2 year old, then what is my excuse? I can blog too! I don't know what I will blog about. But I will try to be somewhat consistent at it. I also jumped on the twitter train today. I figured if I was going all in, I might as well go head first! ♥E