Monday, August 2, 2010

It's Monday...

I just can't believe how tired I am. But we're back home. And today is Paul's day off. I'm not going to lie, we slept until noon! Yes, I said noon. I can't believe it. But we were so tired from our trip to Texas.

It's a little crazy that we came back home. I'm sure J would have let us stay. And just head from the job to my in-laws. But we really needed to come home and rest up! We're heading out to visit my in-laws this week. And I'm really excited!

Everything just seems so much more laid back. That's the thing about living in rural areas. Having a working farm. It's an amazing thing to go back to. And I can't wait to start cooking with my mother-in-law. She makes the yummiest things ever! Let's just say that my 80-20 week isn't going to work out on this trip. I'm not going to worry about calories or working out. I'll deal with that when we get home.

But my tummy is growling. I'm pretty sure I should get up and go make us some lunch. Oh, and start the day. Why do we have so much laundry. I really have to start my Monday... ♥E

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