Thursday, January 5, 2012

Needing Something Light

How were everyone's holidays? Ours were amazing! In fact, we're still in Texas, visiting family. My amazing MIL has gotten me hooked on Pinterest. Just where have I been? This might be my favorite site ever!!

We've been cooking and baking a lot. Honestly I'm starting to feel a little stuffed. Like we've had a bit too much good food. You know, holiday food. Filled with lots of yumminess, and calories. I'm craving something delicious, and light. So is my MIL. We took to Pinterest, for a little inspiration.

Doesn't this look wonderful? We thought so! And since our men are fully engrossed, in all things sports, we're completely involved in all things food. Don't tell them, but tonight, we're having a super healthy meal. With this as dessert! If only the link had worked, but it doesn't look too tough, to duplicate. I can't wait to have some fruit!! ♥E

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