Thursday, April 26, 2012

Inspires Me

I don't think it's any kind of a secret, that Paul and I travel a lot! Paul has a busy career. And we're very grateful, that Matilda and I, get the chance to travel with him. It means so much to us!

With that comes a lot of expectations. I need to actually look nice, when I attend events. I need to put in an effort. It's a good think though. Especially being a new momma. Because let's face it, in the early days of mommyhood, I was just grateful to take a shower. :) But traveling with Paul, gives me a reason to do my hair, put on some makeup, and look for a cute outfit.

But if you want to get honest here, it's tough. I don't go shopping a whole lot. Even when I go, I'm not really inspired. And lean heavily on friends. Like when we went to Dallas recently. I totally took advantage of Lola and Vi! I'd been saving money, and used it on a nice little shopping trip with my friends. Asking them a million and one questions. I hope they didn't mind! But I just had to. Besides, Lola has amazing taste!!

Now that we have a "schedule" again, I'm tying to remember these little things. Like making an effort in my appearance. Not only do I want my husband to be proud of me, but I want him to know, that I'm making an effort for him. He does so much for Matilda and I. Getting dressed up a few times a week, isn't a huge deal. But Paul's smile, when he opens the door, says it all!

It's funny how I've been thinking about this. And yesterday, Jamielynn posted this. Everything about this post, has inspired me!

First, I just LOVE all these colors!! And this style. Casual, but put together. Not too fussy. But a whole lot of fun. Best of all, if you read this post, you know it's all affordable.

This happens to be my favorite outfit of Jamielynn's. It's so fun! And colorful. Perfect for Spring and Summer. And now, I really want to go shopping. And not just for Matilda. Momma needs a few new outfits too! Between, isn't Jamielynn the cutest. And all those tulips, make me want to plant a whole bunch, for next year!

I really want that pink purse. And that pink ruffle shirt. So I tweeted Jamielynn today. I hope she gets back to me. Even if she doesn't, I'm still so grateful for her post. It's given me the inspiration that I need! I know that not every day in the mommyhood, has to be spent in workout clothes. ♥E

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