Monday, April 30, 2012

Miss Eloise

Our dear friends,welcomed their 2nd little girl, into the world. Last week! The day after Miss Eloise was born, we had some pretty horrible weather. Matilda, slept most of the day. And I began to get worried, by dinner time. Thinking, she was getting sick. But Friday, we were a OK.

Then we traveled to the east coast. The guys had left earlier in the week. And J was taking the week off. That meant, that we got to leave a little later than normal. But it still didn't allow us, to go meet Eloise.

Instead, we went to work. And by we, I mean Paul. Matilda and I, just enjoyed the traveling! :) I also found myself, wanting to make something. We'd already bought Miss Eloise some darling presents. But I just knew, I could make her something. Alli's blog has so many wonderful patterns. And that is exactly where I found this pattern!

I just adore the little flower. It's different from most, that I've seen. I managed to make 2 hats. A pink one, just like this one. And a cute yellow and white one. If you read Cari's blog, than you'll know she loves flowers!! I just thought, this hat would be perfect. And, I've made a few flowers, for Matilda. I want to attach them to some headbands.

We are planning to go visit our friends this afternoon. I'm so excited to meet Miss Eloise. I've heard that Amelia, is very excited to be a big sister! We're so happy for our friends! And their adorable little girls. ♥E

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