Wednesday, May 2, 2012

For a Sweet Little Man

One of the sweet ladies, that I worked with in Florida, is expecting her 3rd baby! A little boy. Sonja is the sweetest! And has 2 little boys, that will just melt your heart. Well, I wanted to do something for her. And her little man. For one, she is such a good friend. My closest friend, from Florida. From the beginning, she always invited Paul and I over. For dinner, holidays, just because. Made us feel, like we were part of her family!

But secondly, she sent Matilda the biggest box of goodies. We received it the day we got home from the hospital. With a big box of snacks, movies, and other treats for Paul and I. I told you, she's amazing!!

I've picked out a few little outfits. And a precious picture frame. Sonja loves to have pictures of her family, on her desk at work. But I wanted something more thoughtful. More personal. I got the idea to crochet this little man something. That's when I found this pattern.

Isn't it adorable? What a cute hat! I'm going to make 2. One a dark brown, the other, a baby blue. I even want to make Matilda a pink one. I think this is a hat, for both boys and girls. Depending on the color.

And I'm going to try out this pattern again. I hope to make 2 pairs, in the same colors as the hats. I can't wait to put together this little package. I miss Sonja and her family so much! And I pray, that the remainder of her pregnancy, and the delivery, go well. ♥E

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