Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Paul and I have been doing a lot of thinking. And a lot of talking. We have so many options ahead of us. Lots of things having to do with our future. And I'm pretty sure, I'm going to stop looking for a job.

You see, Paul is making a good salary, with his new job. We're better off now then we were when we both worked. And there is really no reason for me to work. And I'm enjoying being home a lot. I think Paul is also enjoying it. Because I'm definitely doing a lot more around the house.

I've always cooked. But now, our meals are a lot more thought out. And I have to say this, they're a lot more yummy. I've also been experimenting with baking. And I'm doing a lot better.

But the biggest point for us, is that I get to travel with Paul. Whenever he travels for work, I get to go too. And I think that's important. Since Paul is gone about half of the week. When he is on the touring schedule.

We also want to start a family in the next 2 years. So this is a good option. No more working for me. We can afford it right now. And there are really no jobs available. So I get to stay home. And take care of my husband. I really enjoy being home. And being a housewife. We have lots of options ahead of us. And I'm glad that we have these opportunities ahead. Life is really good for us at the moment. ♥E

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