Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting Vi on Board

Now that I am a blogger, I want Vi to be one too!

Lola, Vi, and I were diet interns at the same time. During that time, we got to be close friends. Really close friends. We depended on each other for a lot. Because we were given a lot of responsibility. The other women in our program were not happy with us. And we were soon out casted.

We also had no real guidance at work. I can be completely honest here. Vi and I had been in the program a while already. Vi was getting ready to graduate soon. I wasn't far behind. But Lola, she was just starting out. But she was so determined. And kicked Vi and I's butts. We depended on her so much.

During all of this, and the hospital drama, we really became close. It felt like I had 2 sisters. Natasha Beddingfield's song Unwritten, quickly became our song. It just fit. Unfortunately, our time together came to an end. Vi graduated and moved to Dallas. I wasn't far behind, moving with Paul to Florida. But Lola is still in school. She wants to be a pediatrician. Not just an RD. I am proud of her.

But we all wanted to stay in touch. We tried MySpace. But that quickly lost its glamour and shine. We relied on emails. And eventually took to Lola's private blog. It is a neat place that she has set up for her friends. We chat, ichat, or just send emails to each other.

Than I got the brilliant idea to start my own blog. I am having fun. And I think this could be a good way for the 3 of us to stay in touch. We just need to get Vi on board. Maybe we can even talk her into signing up for twitter! ♥E

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