Thursday, August 27, 2009

Being Honest

It's time to be honest about Paul and I's plans. When we decided to leave for Florida, we always knew that we would return. We liked the small community where we had met. Paul could have easily finished his degrees at our university. But I would have to move 3 hours away to get my masters degree and become an RD. We didn't want to live 3 hours apart! Especially for 3+ years.

Paul and I looked for a school that offered both of our degree programs. That is how we ended up in Florida. I graduated before Paul. I got licensed and became an RD. I was also very lucky when it came time to finding a job. The hospital where I did my RD internship, they offered me a job immediately. And I took it. Paul needed some more time to finish his PhD. And his training.

In May, Paul received his hard earned PhD. He had some training to finish up though. But at the beginning of the month, it was complete. And our talks became more real. In June, we had talked about moving home. Paul called J to ask him for a job. And J found him one. Not only that, but he offered us a home to live in. I also asked Lola to help me find a job. She has some good connections in the area hospitals. Soon, I had 2 good jobs to choose from.

I gave my 2 week notice last week. I will work the remainder of this week. Then next week I am am taking my vacation time. We are heading home for a visit. When we get back, I will have 1 week of work left. I have 2 job interviews set up back home. One for the DOH and one for a trauma center hospital. Paul and I hope to solidify our plans while we are on this trip. Paul will be signing a contract with J. And we will get to look at our new house.

Paul and I are just ready to start the next chapter of our lives. The entire time we have known each other, we have been in college. The last few years, we have grown up so much. Being so far away from our friends and family, we really learned how to depend on each other.

Florida wasn't all a "business" situation. We have built a nice life here. We met friends. Paul and I rented a nice home from an elderly couple when we first moved. And we have enjoyed making it our home. Spending lots of time gardening and hosting cookouts. We have also made amazing connections for our careers.

But it is time to go home. To begin our new careers. To make our new house, our home. We are anxious to be closer to family and friends. Paul and I are also excited to start new phases of our own life. To potentially explore other areas of our marriage. To begin our own family. We are looking at this move, as a new beginning to our life together. ♥E

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