Saturday, September 26, 2009

Closing this Chapter

It's crazy. In 2 days, the movers come. And we decided to take the day off of packing. We wanted to go to the lake one last time. It was an incredible day. Just me and Paul enjoying one of our favorite parts of Florida.

This chapter of our lives is quickly closing. We're both a little sad. We're leaving a part of our lives behind. Friends we've made. A routine we were used to. A life that we enjoyed.

As I look around tonight, our house is almost completely packed up. I hope we finish before the movers get here. But it's a little sad. I mean, this has been our home. And now, we're leaving. It's a little like a break up. I know, it's just a house. And a state. But it's still tough.

I know that the next chapter of our lives is going to be a good one. I'm excited. So is Paul. We hope to start a family in a few years. And all of this, it's worth being happy and planning a bright future with my husband.

But it has been an emotional day. Something about the lake just made me realize how final this was. And it made me sad. I'm going to miss all of this. I cried a lot today. Paul and I took a bunch of pictures of our favorite spots around here. And lots at the lake. It really was our favorite place to be.

I'm ready for what's ahead of us. All we have to do is get our stuff loaded and moved. Oh, and turn over our keys to our landlord. But this is something that we both need, and want. And we really are excited about moving home!! ♥E

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