Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On Our Way Home

We're on our way home. Right now, we're in GA. stuck. Our flight is delayed 3 hours. I wish we were already home. Because I'm tired. And not a big fan of airports.

Paul and I are definitely moving. And all I can think of is packing up our home. I think I'm just anxious to get home and pack. I already miss the SW. And our family and friends. Is that crazy? I think it is. But I don't care. We're ready to be home. Where we belong.

Paul has a job. We have a place to live. And I've already had 2 job interviews. We're ready. And I personally, can't wait to be moved. But it's also going to be sad leaving our home. This is where we've lived for the last few years. As newlyweds. And we have a life here. It's going to be tough. But it's time. ♥E

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