Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Tonight we went to see our friends. They have a band, the BBs (for short.) And they had an incredible rehearsal. They're getting ready for a big gig. And their boss was there.

My friend Lola is their main singer. And the only female. I'm pretty sure her boss is in love with her. I'm thinking, they might even be dating. I'm not completely sure. But he was so cute with her. She was late and exhausted...because she was coming from work at the hospital. But the minute she got there, he was trying to get her a plate of food.

Somehow, Lola convinced everyone to watch some TV. I just think she was tired. And while she ate and relaxed a bit, everyone took to the TV or to talking. Which was also nice. The 2 of them sang a few songs together. And well, you could definitely see the sparks flying! Which was nice.

But the band is incredible. They're still playing right now. And it sounds amazing! I hope we get to hear their show. I would really enjoy it. Everyone in the band is so super talented! I miss getting the chance to listen to them. Before we moved, we'd go to their gigs all the time. ♥E

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