Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekend List...

This week, we're home. I'm kinda glad. But it's so hot around here. We considered going to visit my parents this weekend. But we decided to stay home. Why? Because of the heat. And we're working on some projects at home. Our list seems to never end. But we're slowly knocking things off of our list. It makes me feel good! Even if it's a lot of hard work.

Our garden is refusing to grow in this heat. Nothing like this picture! I'm just at a loss for words, when it comes to our garden. And my flowers, they just don't want to bloom. No matter how much water I give them. Part of our lawn is also "sunburned." At least, that is what J's gardener told us.

But this weekend, we're tackling other stuff. Yard work, yes. There is also painting on the list. And organizing our stuff. I know we've lived here for months. But we still haven't really settled in. I hope we can knock some of those projects off the list. What are you planning for this weekend? ♥E

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