Friday, October 9, 2009

Feeling Like Home

Right after I posted my last blog post, the movers got here. And I had never been so excited! We started moving all of our things in. Because we're staying in one of J's houses, it is already furnished. And beautiful! Lola designed the entire thing. Wow!

I'm really in love with the house. So we're going to store our furniture. The movers were able to put it all nicely in a storage shed. We did pick some things to stay in the house. But not a whole lot.

But all of our other stuff, knick knacks, clothes, personal items...I've been unpacking them. For a few days. Boxes and boxes. Seriously when did we collect so much stuff? But our home is starting to feel like home.

There are a few pieces of furniture I want to buy. Because going from a house designed from a man, to one for a couple, well there are a few key pieces missing. Like a nice vanity table. And some little things like that. I also want to pick up a few decorative items. Paul and I don't plan to stay here forever. But we want it to feel like home.

Now all that is left to do, is find a job. I still haven't heard back from my 2 interviews. But I've been looking around. Lola is trying to get me a job at the hospital where she works. I'm just hoping for the best. But I'm taking this time off as a blessing. Because it gives me time to settle into our home. And to make it a home. ♥E

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