Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fun Weekend

We had one busy and crazy weekend. But I really enjoyed it. Saturday we started out by going to the Farmers' Market. One of my favorite things to do all week. I enjoy going on Saturdays much more than Wednesdays. Because I have to go alone on Wednesdays. But on Saturdays, I get to go with Paul. And we buy lots of yummy veggies. There's not a lot fruit this time of year. But the bread is amazing!

And the afternoon was filled with lots of friends. New and old. I have never been to such a fun birthday party for a 4 year old little girl. But little Sarita was so cute. She really enjoyed all of her gifts. And all the time with her loved ones.

The food was so good. I still can't believe it! It's been such a long time since I've had food that good. I can't believe how much I ate. And they sent us home with plates and plates of food. The cake was like a little piece of heaven too!

Then on Sunday, we went to the fair. So much fun! Free concerts. Lots of junk food. And fun. Yes, lots and lots of fun! Paul and I had so much fun. We were like 5 year old kids. And after a day of junk food, we took home 2 balls of cotton candy, 2 candy apples, 2 carmel apples, 2 bags of kettle korn, and 2 turkey legs.

Can you say a good time? We had our leftovers yesterday. And today, I'm going to make some yummy veggie stew. Because we need to clean out our systems. We're on "junk food overload." Yes, I want lots of veggies. And fresh bread. But it was a fun weekend. ♥E

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