Friday, October 16, 2009

My Amazing Husband

I'd been telling Paul that I needed a haircut. And he told me that I should make an appointment. So after asking a few people, I decided on place to go. Lola is really the one to thank. She suggested Barragans.

I made an appointment. And I figured I would get my hair done. Last night, I began to think about having my nails done too. But I wasn't sure. But when I got to my appointment today, Paul had called ahead.

He scheduled a day of pampering for me. And had paid for everything! When I called him, he told me that it was a bit of a birthday present. Tomorrow is my birthday. Don't I have a wonderful husband? I think so!

I had my hair done, a mani-pedi, and my eyebrows done. It was like heaven! And just when I thought I was done, I had a facial and a massage. Paul met me for a yummy dinner in the city. And we came home.

Right now, Paul is making me a yummy dessert. He is such an amazing husband! I'm trying to think of something amazing to do for him. For his birthday. Even if it's still months away. I love Paul so much! ♥E

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