Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Long 10 Hours

Being that I'm still looking for a job, I decided to attend this Pediatric Nutrition Conference with Lola. I'm completely exhausted. And all I wanted to do today, was sleep. But Lola and I got through it.

This was such an interesting conference. I know that doesn't sound interesting at all. But it was. In all the years I went to college and studied nutrition, I only took 2 pediatric classes. They don't offer many. It's something you have to seek out after you become an RD.

Lola talked to the Pediatric Chief at the hospital where she works. There is a good possibility that I can get a job in the pediatric unit. I'm not sure if I'd be working in the regular pediatric unit, the PICU, or the NICU. But I need to become pediatric certified.

After 10 hours, I can't believe how much I learned. It was incredible! And now, I'm so excited. Even if I'm tired. We relied heavily on AMP and chocolate to make it through the day. But it all worked out nicely. Right now, I'm heading to bed. It's been a long 10 hours. ♥E

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